Latest Work: Hair2Stay-Brand Identity Design Concept

Whoa, I cannot believe it's been so long since my last post. It's been super busy here at LOOLAA and I am excited I finally started gathering all my work into a shareable formats so I can share with you loads more often.

I am super excited to introduce this beauty brand identity concept for a hair salon. This concept happened during a brainstorm session for a new brand identity for my dear friend Sam Sriumpai and her mum's hair salon. Sam and I really loved this concept however we thought something more traditional and cultural would suit her mum's brand a bit more.  (coming into my portfolio soon)

I decided to share this concept as it's super edgy while still trustworthy and comforting which was the objective of the brief. The idea for this concept has been inspired by the chinesse aesthetics. Long elegant lines idea taken from chopstics and turned into friendly floating shapes portraing hair from a different perspective. The line forms together with patterns bring harmony, wisdom and comforting feel to the brand's character.

And so it shall live here in my little cyber space.