Weekend Snaps - O1

This weekend was kind of special. Not because we did anything super exclusive but exactly the opposite. We did the regular things we like doing but this time it was different because I lived and enjoyed every moment by being in a present. Every day goes pass and you live it through being on autopilot, missing the little moments and you think that's normal, that's just how things are, but they don't have to be. 

In the morning we got up and for the first time ever did 20 mins mindfulness yoga practise which for us doing on the weekend is practically impossible. Weekends are for chilling and why do anything if you don't have to? Well, although is't hard to admit, committing to some kind of routine and being able to discipline yourself is of course hard and so if achieved you just feel on top of the world and like got your life together.... (grin). So this morning practise just set us for the day and made us feel alive. 


We went to our favourite place in the whole world - Kew Gardens. Royal botanic gardens in London where we not only had our first date with my bf but this place is so close to our hearts that if I ever was going to get married it would be here. The tropical plants in their palm houses are the most stunning and I have so many pics that I am thinking of creating blog series just featuring those.

We cooked great healthy meals, again great achievement since we use to eat anything and everything on the weekend but creating restrains for some odd reason just felt really good.

I even felt so good about myself it sparked the crave to pamper and nourish my body. I can not describe how yummy this coconut coffee body polish from NatureLove is. I am seriously considering having a love affair with this product.  I am that in love.

The weekend could have not end better than just us chilling on our roof being kissed by the unexpected sun shine followed by an amazing sunset.  It could have not been a better weekend.