Packing for Amsterdam

If you've never been to Amsterdam I say book your ticket right now. If you live in Europe, especially Netherlands surrounding countries it's dead easy to fly over for just a long weekend which is enough to get to know the main sites of this city.

This is going to be my second time in Amsterdam and I can not wait to have a cone of chips topped with mayonnaise in my hand. Yep, that's right the Dutch know how to roll, although this is a pretty common snack in few eu countries.  

Amsterdam is the only city I can actually see myself living apart from London. It's probably because it feels incredibly bohemian, artistic and liberating.  the relaxed atmosphere, the high sealing modern art nouveau style bakeries would get me up every morning to get my coffee and read the newspaper. All of a sudden you feel inspired and interested in everything.

I consider myself to be a very much a Zara and H&M girl and so that's what's coming with me. My white Zara trainers which I had for the past two years and can not image anything more comfy. My black H&M backpack, Bershka denim jacket which I recently purchased and can not be happier,  sunnies and yes a scarf. While typing this post I am in bed, loading up with vitamins trying to get better as I have massive cold. We're leaving tomorrow and I can not imagine this will go away but ain't stopping me! Amsterdam here I come!