Feed the urge

I started working on a project I've been waiting for since I started as a freelance designer. Not only I am screaming on the inside as this is my dream job, I am super excited feeling my knees shaking nervously as I really want to nail this one.

I am super pumped about it, it's something Where I will really go out of my boundaries. From the day one I've been learning so much, discovering new styles and combination, ways of expression, thoughts and process and definitely feeling more than ever that design is about the feeling it portrays rather than looking just pretty.

During my research phase for this new project I strangely had the urge to draw. Draw something that comes straight from the inside, unfinished giving room to breathe. So here are some randoms.


Summer Sale 17

And so it begins! My first sale campaign! Celebrating the sun, sea, skirts and sangria bringing you the joy of summer with 20% off on exclusive premade branding packages and instant downloads.  With things and stress dying a little over the summer season it might be the perfect time to get your branding sorted and be ready when things pick up again. 

Take a look at our Etsy page where you can find even more designs.

Enjoy x


Tropical Pattern Design

Seeing all of the beautiful tropical, leafy patterns all over Pinterest had me itching to design my own pattern for a while. Although it took me longer than I expected I am super happy with it. I made two versions and can not decide which one I am in love more. The first one is bold, energetic and fresh but the second one has a taste for the elegant, it's quirky and therefore different and different is good. I totally adore the two parrots I added to the cover page, but I felt like there is no space for them in the actual patter.


Check out the patterns below and let me know what do you think. Which one of the two does it for you?  And what can you see this pattern used for? Is it branding, business cards, wallpaper, cushion or perhaps as a t-shirt print? Let me know in the comments. Mwah

tropical-pattern-wallpaper-2-loolaadesigns copy 3.jpg

Random Art

Hi lovelies, So it's Monday huh? Harsh....Hang in there, Christmas is here in no time.

I thought I'd start sharing a little snippets of my work process in a short blog posts "Random Art". These little articles will really just be art that happened along the way or are in progress. Loads of them will be concepts that will remain unfinished so if ya like any of it and would like to  explore it more for your own project give me a holla.

Starting with this little graphics of snakes for the chillest customer I've ever worked with FlatFrances. I had the pleasure to design collection of patterns for her and this one is one of them. There is one problem though, i like it as it is on it's own and not in pattern.....decisions, decisions, decisions....