Latest Work: Lèvres Rouges

Whoa it has been seven months since my last blog post and so many things has happened I can not keep up. I’ve met so many great people, I worked on great projects which I am hoping to share on my website soon. For now this is a sneak peak of one of my projects I am currently working on which I can not resist to put up straight away. i’ve changed the name as I can to reveal the name as yet but it’s a cosmetics brand design identity where we create a customised lettering for the logo and use some great typography for the packaging. The logo is my favourite, it’s romantic yet minimal and clean, modern and chic. I included a moodboard and few simple mock ups with the logo. I just can’t stop looking at this…I love it and I hope you will too.


Latest Work: The Ivy Clinic Brand Identity Design

I am super excited to introduce the newest addition into the portfolio- A brand identity concept for an all inclusive beauty clinic that wanted to do things differently. The objective was to create a brand that's minimal to reflect the purity of the business' nature but also friendly and welcoming at the same time. We all know the often portrayed sterile clinic aesthetics that no matter how we look at it brings an unwelcome memories of our visit to the dentist. Well, that's exactly what the folks at Ivy Clinic wanted to avoid and change. They wanted to move with times and show their brand as modern, fashionable and above all warm and inviting. I hope you enjoy this dreamy palette and minimal aesthetics this branding has to offer.


the-ivy-clinic-loolaadesigns copy 3.jpg
beauty-medical-clinic-business-card-design-loolaadesigns copy 5.jpg

Summer Beauty Favourites

Recently I discovered few really cool beauty blogs and have been so inspired I thought I really want to do my own beauty post. I am showing my must haves and recently discovered beauty products but it was also the idea of taking cool pictures and have fun with the shoot that inspired me to write this. The new Kinfolk issue is wrapped in a deep earthy red which made the perfect combo with the Glossier pink packaging I recently had delivered and I thought this would make the perfect mood and setting for a fresh spring/summer beauty edit. The photos are shot in an afternoon sun on a pinkish background which was a great combination for the golden oils, white packaging and brown bottles. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed shooting it. 



OUAI Hair Oil - this one is a life saver! I’ve been so frustrated with my hair lately I was going mad. The frizz would not go away and I wouldn’t go out unless wearing a ponytail. This oil smooths out my hair making it look all the same length, soft and sleek. Honestly I have no idea how this is possible, but don’t care coz my hair is back yo!

Laura Mercier - tinted moisturiser. I think the name says it all. It’s a hydrating moisturiser with light coverage and plenty of glow. Sometimes it might feel a little too glowy but so far I like it. Although I got the lightest shade I feel this one is more for the warm type gals. I am cool type ( yes, cool)  so I can do with a rosy undertone and this one is more yellow. Still though a great thing for the summer.


Glossier - eeek! I must admit I got this one because I like their aesthetics and marketing. For a research purposes I had to have it so you can say it's mixing business with pleasure. However I am still questioning wether the products are worth the hype.


I got the Glossier Phase 2 set as I was in need for a concealer and of course, I was always going to find purpose for the rest of the products. 

Generation G lipstick-I ordered the like shade however the one I got looks more like the crush. I can't think how to describe the smell of the lipstick but it's not very nice.

The Boy Brow is cool, gets your brow to stay in shape adding a bit of a tint. 

The concealer feels a bit dry and the application is not the easiest. I had been using liquid concealers until now so perhaps I have to get use to a new way.


Oh and this OUAI comes in 45ml pump container but honestly guys look at it! It’s seems there is so much more than that. At least that’s what I like to think…. This one is a summer winner for me!


MALĀKO is a heart situation. I had the honour to work with the owner Kanchalika to design this super cool eco and design conscious, skincare brand. It was even featured in the Walpaper eeek! 

Inspired by the Thai culture and rituals the jars are packed with high grade natural goodness that not only soothes the body but helps to reconnect to your mind and soul… This goes beyond and it’s real. And eveytime I use it I can not believe something like this can be made. The smell and texture is divine and I can not put it down. Check them out at @malako.skincare


Note the dramatic :)


Recycling ready