Therma+Spa - Premade Branding Package

I love the rawness, simplicity and minimalist feel to this branding. It's clean and edgy with texture created from tropical green pattern. I can not be more excited about it. It's quirky and fashionable with a hint of Art Deco/Secese. I love the feel of the gift card which is a little unconventional but elegant, a little special and honest at the same time. There are countless possibilities how the pattern can be used, it would be awesome as a wallpaper in a hair salon or wrapping paper from a flower shop. 

Not like most of my premade branding package this package is exclusive and will only be sold once. So hurry once it's gone it's gone.

You know that I always add a bit of custom character to my premade packages to reflect what you stand for and the story of your brand. The same goes for Therma + Spa. Although this branding is about spa and beauty and the pictogram reflects the idea of thermal springs, the branding would perfectly fit to a other line of businesses like flower shop, fashion brand/boutique, cosmetic brand, hair salon, etc. The logo can be easily customised with an image of your brand's symbol.

Find more info about the process here: THERMA+SPA

So I hope you like and if you have any questions big or small pls pls just give me a yell!